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September 7, 2012
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PKMN-Armonia- Austin Camlio by DreamerMB PKMN-Armonia- Austin Camlio by DreamerMB

EDIT: Yee~ I got in~ QuQ

I know its the last minute, but its worth a shot. I tried my best not to rush this QwQ; Also, this is probably the most fancy hand-writing I done, so proud~ Anyhoo~ this is my awkward Kecleon, Austin.

I hope I do alright and if you see a mistake or anything I should fix, please tell me, it'll be really nice of you~ <83

EDIT 2: New shiny and approved app~! Theres also new info if anyone is curious~


:bulletgreen: Name: Austin Camlio

:bulletyellow: Age: 16 17 18 19

:bulletgreen: Gender: Male ♂

:bulletyellow: Pokémon: #352 Kecleon

:bulletgreen: Birthday: November 12

:new: :bulletyellow: Height: 5'8

:new: :bulletgreen: Weight: 130 lbs

:bulletyellow: Nature: Bashful

:bulletgreen: Ability: Color Change

:bulletyellow: Hometown: Rustboro City

:new: :bulletgreen: Personality: Austin is a kind and pretty optimistic guy. He is caring and supportive to friends and even those he just met. Austin does have some struggle on confidence at times, when it comes to battles or just anything daring in general. It usually take times or a sudden urge to really do something in order for him to show his strength.

:new: :bulletyellow: Favorite berry flavor: Sweet

:bulletgreen: History: Once upon a time Austin was born in Rustboro City. His father was an employee for a corporation in the city, so he was mostly away at work. His mother, however; was a housewife, so she was mostly at home. Austin's mother is caring and gentle, but she is over-protective. When Austin was at the age of starting school, she refused to let her little boy go to a public school. She feared that he'll get bullied, picked on, hurt, or get influenced by naughty kids. But the boy's gotta learn, so she decided to homeschool him. Austin didn't mind staying at his comfortable home with his mother, he liked the idea of homeschool.

His mother's teachings were simple and easy, he was able to learn the basics, like reading, writing, simple math- anything needed to be taught. His mother also taught him how to knit and sew, manners, and even gave him singing lessons. His father, seeing how his child is becoming more like a daughter than a son; also gave him some lessons. On days off and his wife's permission, he would train Austin, teaching him the basics of battling, but since his father is mostly busy. Austin didn't get much training.

While watching TV, the young Kecleon enjoyed watching plays, movies, and musicals. He was impressed of how the actors kept in character, the stories, twists, dialogue, lyrics- you name it. The art of theater inspired Austin to practice acting. He tried to act the scenes or sing the songs he'd seen on TV, it was tough, but he kept trying. He then discovered the Yo-yo. The simple-looking toy took a interest to him, its took a while for him to figure out how to do tricks with it. He kept the first Yo-yo he got and pretends its lucky.

Years went by and Austin grew older, he hadn't made any actual friends since. Its not because hes shy, or the kids don't like him or anything. Since Austin was home schooled mostly at home with his family in his childhood; hes uncertain of how to act around kids his age or anyone. If he tries, he'll get nervous and end up being awkward in front of them.

Austin's father noticed his son having trouble being social, he also noticed he's not learning too much from his mother's teachings. After searching, his father told Austin about a special school, Armonia. Austin was actually excited at the thought of going to a real school, not only that, but going somewhere completely new, like an adventure. Of course, his mother started to worry, but his father was able to convince her. Their son needs a fresh start, learn more, get stronger, and most importantly, make friends and have fun!~

:bulletyellow: Summary characteristic: Often lost in thought

:bulletgreen: Hobbies: Knitting/Sewing, playing the yo-yo, and practicing his singing and acting.

:bulletyellow: Moveset:
- Protect
- Faint attack
- Psybeam
- Fury Swipes Ancientpower
- Trick room
- Rock slide

:new: :bulletgreen: House: Cordelia

:new: :bulletyellow: School Schedule:
• History
• Battle
• Math (II)
• Writing
• Science

• Home Economics
• Art
• Music

:new: :bulletyellow: Level: 25

:bulletgreen: Extras:
- When he camouflages, hes basically invisible, but his clothes or red stripe on his belly is still visible.
- His tail curls up when feeling uneasy or nervous. It loosen up if hes feeling relaxed.
- If he feels he's been acting strange or might get in trouble, he'll camouflage and might run off.
- He can easily move his eyes in opposite directions.
- He changes colors when feelings huge emotions. Ex. Excitement, happy = Orange
- Hes cold-blooded, so he mostly wears sweaters, scarves, anything to keep warm.
- He keeps his lucky Yo-yo in his pocket most of the time.
- His tongue is slightly sticky and flexible.
- He practices his singing and acting secretly, since he believes hes not good enough yet.
- :new: Austin is now more open to his singing and acting.
-:new: Austin learned Anicentpower, he can control rocks, lift them with some sort of psychic, and etc. However, as of now, he just learned it so he needs to practice a bunch before hes any good at this. So that means, hes not so great at controlling this move yet.
- :new: Austin is the Captain of the Drama Club!

Austin & art (c) :icondreamermb:
PKMN-Armonia (c) :iconkeideo:
Pokemon (c) Nintendo
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Austin is cu~te !
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Thank you~! ;v;
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WildCatPrincess4Ever Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Okay, but if Color Change makes him an Electric type is he just going to be completely yellow
DreamerMB Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
well the original yellow would be lighter yellow if I were to color him so i guess not like yellow the same shade all over yknow ;v;
LabonBull Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist

"Oh-oh my uhm happy birthday Austin! UHm... I figured i wanted to out due my present from last year and I-- oh man oh gosh...I got you this...
I- Im really sorry its kind of girly... But i thought it would be a little more masculine then the heart locket...
Its a mood necklace, i thought it might be cute since you have your color change ability and all, a-and you can put a pitcher inside it! I didn't have time to add one myself, so i was hopping you wouldn't mind doing it...
but i hope you like it! Its ok if you dont, I-I can go buy you something else!"

DreamerMB Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2013
Oh my gosh Tory! This is the perfect gift thank you! I'll treasure it~ 
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